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Moving and Cleaning Out the Cob Webs

Posted by Robert Bibeau on November 3, 2010 at 3:05 AM

Obviously, it has been awhile... alright a long while since my last post.  During the interim between the last post and this there have been a pretty significant number of things occurring.  For starters, Tiff and I were able to close on our house.  As the home buying process came to a close, the moving process began.  Not surprisingly this has ushered in various unexpected headaches.  In many respects those headaches are as real as they are metaphorical.  I will admit however that one welcome surprise during this process was how well I have endured the physical aspects of the move.  I was able to get a friend of the family, who subsequently is becoming a close personal friend, to help with the move.  I rented a truck on Saturday and we spent the day trying to get all the heavy lifting done.  Having spent the entire day working I felt like I had really earned a good nights rest when I laid down to sleep at 2 in the morning.

Tiff and I have spent the days sense trying to get the remainder of our belongings out of the house and get the new house in living order.  Everything from cleaning to getting cable and utilities set up.  We are already finding things around the new house that we are going to need to spend money on.  Something entirely new as far as housing goes being as we have always been renters.  Not an entirely unwelcome experience however.  It is pretty cool to be able to make something your own.

As for my Kung Fu, although I have not been posting I have been continuing with my workouts as best I can.  I feel like that is why I was able to do so well from an endurance perspective relative to getting the move done.  However over the past 5 days or so I dont think I've really gotten much done at all in the way of workouts.  And while I was able to keep the severity of symptom manifestations from my injury at bay for much longer than at times in the past, I am enduring a lot more pain than what has now become usual.

That is why tonight was so important.  Before bed I decided it was time to dive back into the things that I was doing that had me feeling so well just a short time ago.  I figured that since as of late, I have had a tough time getting up in the mornings, I would get a workout in tonight.  With luck I'll sleep a bit better than I have been and be able to get up with enough time to get that workout in before making the drive to work.

I will say also that I really am enjoying the drive in the mornings.  It is peaceful and somewhat cathartic.

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