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Posted by Robert Bibeau on November 4, 2010 at 1:56 AM

Last night I discussed a need to return to the "things I was doing that had me feeling so well just a short time ago."  In better terms I think this means a return to a strict adherence to the values of the Recovery Triad.

I really feel that those six values are the key to recovery from any injury or illness.  Obviously one could simply replace "Kung Fu" with just about any physical exercise regimen but I doubt that it would be as successful.  The six Imperatives of the Recovery Triad model however are effective.  I, as I mentioned last night have been experiencing more pain as of late.  Today was a significantly better day, while I was unable to get up at the time I wanted (being as we are still in the middle of the move, I was having to use the alarm function on my phone rather than a real alarm clock, the phone didnt plug in all the way and died in the middle of the night so I woke to the rooster that lives next door rather than the more pleasing sound of the "Marimba" chime on my iPhone)  In spite of the let down of getting up an hour late, I was still able to get all of my morning domestic requirements accomplished.  Although as I let the dogs out I found that one of the sprinkler heads is broken.  I found out the best of all possible ways too, a forty foot stream of water snaking its way straight into the air.

Jaxon was pretty sick yesterday though and was not permitted to go to day care today so I took him with me to work with the intention of taking him back to his physician to be seen.  As luck would have it, I never was able to break away from the office, but I got to spend the entire day with Jaxon so it is sort of an even trade.  It's interesting though that I got more done today than I have since beginning of the moving process.

After a long day, Jaxon and I stopped of at a local pool supply store and bought some supplies and chemicals for the new pool, we also stopped of at Lowes and got a new sprinkler head.  Once we were home we replaced the sprinkler head, of course getting soaked in the process being as the timer turned the system on just while we were installing the device.

Real productive day, with much less pain and ultimately a significantly higher degree of productivity.  I am really looking forward to tomorrow morning and especially getting my workout in prior to leaving the house... To that end I had better draw this to a close so I can get some sleep. 

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