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Posted by Robert Bibeau on November 8, 2010 at 2:44 AM

Friday was a pretty frustrating day.  I have recently had a severe resurgence of the nueropathy symptoms in my hands and it has been especially painful and severe on the right side.  About a month ago, I went in to have it investigated.  Of course it takes time to get tests done and so forth, but I found out on friday that the nerve damage in my arms, according to my neurologist is severe enough that I need to have surgery in each arm to alleviate it and prevent the damage from getting worse.  This was obviously pretty hard to hear as anything like that makes me worry that I may lose the ability to practice Kung Fu.  Fortunately that is only one opinion and I still need to see the surgeon and the orthopedics people and I will ask about more benign treatments and see if there are any available.

On another note.  The move is coming along.  I would love to say it is going well, but that wouldnt be at all true.  I had hoped to be able to take a few days of leave to try and get moved out of my old house, but that just doesn't seem to be something that is going to happen.  Thus far I have had to use my evening and weekends only to try and get moved and that is going very slowly indeed.  But it is getting done and that counts for something.  One box at a time I guess is the way to do it.  

As a part of the move, I have been trying to get the pool chemistry just right on the pool in my backyard.  I had run a pool as a lifeguard in college and I thought that it would all come flooding back to me.  It has... sort of.  I am actually picking it back up very quickly but I am finding that all those chemicals that I dispensed with in such care free fashion back in college are actually VERY expensive.  But really I am thinking it is the upfront costs of having to buy ALL of this maintenance stuff together at the same time.  I almost have the chemistry to levels that it would be safe to swim in the pool and I am really looking forward to jumping on in and taking a good morning swim or getting the hot tub going after class one of these nights and just relaxing a bit.

In the morning I will have to be up especially early due to the fact that I need to dump some chemicals into the pool.  The good things is that I am really looking forward to it because I cant wait to get my workout in.

I bought a new scale ( my son Jaxon would pick up and drop my old one as he had just learned to crawl and was exploring the house) and I found something very inspiring.  Although I have not eaten an even remotely healthy meal over the past two weeks, my weight has still not gone back over 180 pounds.  I am quite happy about that being as it is proof that the work that I did with the Healing Journey Project was effective.  This makes me even more excited for the routine I am working on now.

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