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Posted by Robert Bibeau on January 24, 2011 at 2:11 AM

I have determined to make the absolute most of my time off as I recover from surgery.  As I said in a recent post, I feel like the Healing Journey needs some tools and methods to assist with its continued productivity.  Part of that effort, during my convalescence has been to attempt to make my house more... Zen, for lack of a better word.  I have said many times before that I often feel like my entire life is in disarray.  I am convinced that if the space around me is in disarray, my brain and life are bound to be as well.  Thus, if I can control the environment around me, I can better control my own life and mental processes.  

This may seem rather obvious to some: "keep your house clean and your life will be too." In fairness I guess it is obvoius, but it is a lot easier said than done.  Especially with the "modern professional lifestyle" that my wife and I keep.  We had a discussion just this evening about how it seems as though there is rarely "enough" time.  One of the conclusions we came too is that we are currently wasting a lot of our leisure time.  That is to say that the things that should be leisurely, become chore like.  A good example, taking the dog for a walk, whether we go as a family and enjoy some light conversation or if I take him myself and enjoy some time with my thoughts, it is a good opportunity to Be leisurely.  Instead it becomes a chore because we, and I think a lot of people do this, spend our leisure time lazily relaxing by means of opportunity and proximity.  There is nothing wrong with watching a little TV.  However, I bet I spend a lot more time "relaxing" in front of the TV while obsessing about  whatever chore I need to do than I will spend actually doing the chore.  I also think that even once I rid myself (to the extent possible) of this type of habit I will still be pressed for time.  But every minute of time I budget for and save is a minute I wasn't saving before and is time I can now spend with my family or on myself.  So basically, it feels like I never have enough time because I don't I was busy wasting it for years.

Often times in our lives we have to wait for something drastic to occur before we realize our errors and make efforts to correct them.  In my case there was something drastic.  But unlike the circumstance in which one is caught off guard, I was looking forward to this drastic event.  The surgery I underwent a little more than a week ago was the event.  It gave me time off from work that I wouldn't have else wise had.  Now, I have had to work hard to ensure I am getting appropriate amounts of rest and not "over doing it" but I have really made some big progress in creating an environment that is more conducive to order and less conducive to chaos.  My mom played a major role in this effort while I was layed up and I am really grateful to her for her recent help.  Tiff has also done a ton to help.  My Sifu has been instrumental taking time to teach me some new Xi Gong and adaptive methods for employing my Kung Fu within my current limitations.  

In the coming week, I will finalize these efforts.  Thus ensuring that as I get back into shape after my surgery the Healing Journey will be more capable than ever.

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