Chan Heung 1 Chan Heung 1 Rough Beginnings Like I said in the blog, this thing started out as a pretty ugly baby! 134457838 134457837 134457836 134457835 Building a Monster? This may have been my "Frankenstein" moment. 134457974 Taking Form "All right" I thought, "I can work this out..." 134457973 134457972 Refinement 134458253 The Arm's This is one of the roughly carved arms... I carve each by hand from square blanks like the one lying on its side immediately behind the arm. 134458252 Function over form CH1 came out looking pretty good, but it is still designed with a martial purpose. 134458249 But still elegant Honestly I feel like there's some grace in honest, simple lines. 134458250 Chan Heung 1 Complete! 134458251