Iraq Iraq Me and Mulasim Jasim Mulasim is Arabic for Lieutenant. He was the XO for Co. A 2d Bn, 3d Bgd 7th Iraqi Army Division. 87568245 Euphrates River 87568246 Merry Band of Miscreants These 9 Marines, 1 Corpsman and I spent 8 weeks partnered with the Jundi of Co. A out near a small fishing village called Hassa. I'm still really proud of what these guys accomplished out there in those 8 weeks. 87568247 My Gun Truck The three of us made a pretty good team. I'm on the left, my driver LCpl Anderson is in the middle and my gunner LCpl Burkhalter is on the right. 87568248 LAV-25 and some Ruins 87568249 Promotion to 1stLt My mom has always loved this picture... I've never much cared for it, but its worth putting up for my mom's sake. 87568250 Don't even think about it The only part of this picture thats staged is the pistol. This was taken while I was still the Intel Officer. The other Marine is Cpl Brandon St Clair. He and I played well over a hundred games of chess that deployment. I think I beat him a total of 7 times. We are "tac'd up" because a few minutes earlier we had received incoming indirect fire rounds and we were waiting for the all clear to be sounded. By the time this picture was taken incoming was relatively common place... a far cry from how we behaved a few months before this picture was taken. 87568251 Yep, they're that big Messing with Camel Spider's was common place too. 87568252 Long Day This picture was taken prior to when I went out to Hassa. I was still the Intel Officer and I'd been out with the Bn Forward... I don't remember what we had been doing now, but this will give you a glimpse of what a day in the back on an LAV is like. Though in fairness, a year later the Marines in the back of my LAV-25 seemed to be covered more than this all the time. 87568253 Time for a good cup o' joe I included this picture mostly to demonstrate that prior to getting injured I was actually pretty fit. It was surprising to see how much weight I lost after getting injured but more so to see how much I put on after being on meds for awhile 87568254