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Learning the Staff Set 6-10-10 Add Video

Rob learns the balance sequence of the double ended staff form. Not bad considering he could hardly stand with his eyes closed not too long ago......

That line above was posted by Sifu Mario... wanted to clear up for readers that  I'm not referring to myself in the third person.

Some info on the staff set:

Sifu and I see this as sort of the center piece of this project right now.  We felt like the video was a good idea because due to the brain injury I can end up having some pretty severe memory problems.  This seemed like a good way to help me remember what comes when in the set.  Additionally it helps to identify, visually, improvement over time.  

I would like to say that the work you can see at 1:44 in the video is the "Sot, Pek, Sot" drill the final move in that drill which you can see at 1:56 which is a spinning jump is my new Dok Lok Ma of sorts in that it has been exceedingly difficult for me to accomplish it.  This is the first time I ever did it with out becoming severely disoriented and its the first time I ever did it right.

Posted by Robert Bibeau on June 14, 2010 at 5:34 PM 2715 Views

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