The Healing Journey Project

Renewal and Transformation Through Kung Fu

The Workouts

Here you will find the full details of the workouts.  On the Calendar you will find these workouts listed simply as the number of workout they detail.  This was done to simplify the planning time needed each month to make the Healing Journey sustainable in a professional life style crunched for time.  For example, if I am working on forms and want to also get a good plyometrics style workout in as well you might see "WO1, WO3" indicating that for that days workout I will be doing the full forms workout followed immediately by Workout 3 which is comprised entirely of kicking drills.

Admin Note Regarding Upcoming Surgery

All planned workouts during the recovery period from my surgery will be modified to allow for recovery.  One of the great things about Kung Fu is that it truly is 100% adaptive.  Don't believe me? Watch the movie The One Armed Swordsman.

Primary Workouts.  Forms, San Sau's and Kicking Drills.

Workouts 4, 4a, and 4b - Weapons. Workouts 5,6 and 7 are short intense workouts to supplement morning routine and substitute on days when a full workout isn't practical.

A Focus on the Basics

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